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Bid on Mary Lynn!!!

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Mar. 30th, 2011 | 06:19 pm
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posted by: wouldbedorothy in marylynnfans

There is a fantastic auction taking place NOW at japan_calls! Celebrities have signed up to record voice messages, and you can bid to receive them! The money that you bid, you donate to a charity aiding the disaster relief in Japan!

Mary Lynn is one of the participating stars, and so far she only has one bid - of five dollars! She deserves to go for SO MUCH MORE! Please, go bid and help a great cause! Make sure you read the rules of how to bid, then click on the Official Auction post and find Mary Lynn. The auction is running through Mon., Apr. 4th :)

Spread the word! You don't even have to have LJ to bid; you can bid from Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks everyone!!!

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